About - Stacey Garrett

Meet Stacey Garrett

I am based out of Logan, Utah in beautiful Cache Valley.

I LOVE cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bears, hot tamales, did I mention I love cinnamon?

I have probably watched all seasons of Psych at least four times and have read the Harry Potter Series at least four times. 

My little girl, Scarlet Jane, is my world!

I am addicted to adventure. White water rafting, rock climbing, running, hiking, SUPing...

If I had to choose my last meal on earth, it would be Indian food from Tandoori Oven (located in Logan, UT). 

The feel of sandpaper and open drawers/cupboards drive me INSANE!  

I believe in collecting moments not things.

I graduated from Utah State University in Nutrition Dietetics and Food Science. I worked as a Dietitian for a few years before staying at home with my daughter and becoming a photographer.

I am a believer and follower of Christ and I try to love others as he loved them. 

I do not have one single passion but several. This is the reason why I am drawn to photography. I can tap into many of my passions - people, creativity, art, and being outside. 

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